• Setting New Records:
    India’s Longest River Bridge
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s longest river bridge, the Dhola-Sadia bridge in Assam.

Welcome to Navayuga Engineering

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited (NEC), the flagship company of the Navayuga Group, is an engineering and core infrastructure company that has carved a formidable position for itself in the industry. Established to fulfil the dream of a visionary, nurtured on homespun values, empowered by state-of-art technology, the company has redefined the parameters of growth and contributed to India’s infrastructure landscape with unparalleled commitment and foresight.

Spreading its wings, NEC has transcended national boundaries to make an impact on the global arena.


"To build an infrastructure conglomerate of global scale and create benchmarks
of excellence in both quality and customer service."

The Visionary

“NEC's core ability to deliver projects on time, and within budget, has received widespread recognition and accolades.

Our unmatched domain knowledge and expertise have earned us the reputation of a ‘pioneer’. Having successfully undertaken several port development projects, we are poised to achieve the distinction of being the largest developer and operator of ports in India.

Further, we are embarking on ambitious plans to undertake and execute some of the most challenging projects in the most unforgiving terrains, not just in India but also globally. This, indeed, is a testimony to NEC’s emergence as one of the world’s leading infrastructure companies.


NEC is well-served by a leadership team that brings the highest level of professional excellence and collective vision to inspire and motivate the workforce to exceed the expectations of the clients.

Mr C Sridhar

Managing Director


NEC is a prominent contributor to the Indian infrastructure sector through various projects across all verticals. The company capitalizes on its strategic and operational efficiencies across the board to deliver world-class projects that dot the horizon. Some of the key projects that are fuelling India's transformation include…


NEC is on a mission to fulfil the half-century-old dream of the people of Andhra Pradesh with the Polavaram Dam Project, the most prestigious and challenging project in India


After the bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh, the Govt. of Telangana decided to redesign the existing Pranahita Chevalla Lift Irrigation Scheme.


An engineering marvel, Dhola-Sadia Bridge is India's longest river bridge constructed over the Brahmaputra river, spanning a total of 9.15 km.


Navayuga Engineering (NECL) has established its reputation in the Construction industry in the following specialized fields.


Since more than 90% of international cargo moves by sea, ports - being the gateways to the hinterland - are critical for the efficient supply chain of any nation.


NEC, through its expertise in irrigation, has stamped its authority as a leader in this sector. The company has garnered high-performance credentials


Responding to Government of India’s Mission 2012 for providing “POWER FOR ALL”, the Navayuga Group is venturing into power generation in a big way

Corporate Policy

"Commitment to excel in the chosen field of construction and to provide engineering solutions in harmony with the environment and with quality of workmanship to international standards."

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